Are you an Insta-genius…?

 You don’t have to be artistic to be aware that the opportunity for creative expression has increased enormously over the last few years…

Take photography, for example. The range and quality of images on Instagram alone is amazing and the sheer numbers are quite staggering – 40 million pictures are posted daily! I’m beginning to seriously wonder whether we’re on the road to the ‘Infinite Monkey Theorem’ which states that…

‘A monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.’

Now I know Instagrammers are not monkeys (not all anyway) and the theory doesn’t quite apply to images and yes, you can (in theory) re-create a duplicate of say a classic Ansel Adams landscape…

Homage to Ansel Adams – Yosemite Vally by MarkyBon

An Annie Leibovitz, a modern classic…

Barack Obama Presidentail Library

Or a Helmut Newton portrait…

Helmut Newton – David Bowie, Monte Carlo

…But it seems to me whether you’re a professional, an amateur enthusiast or somewhere in between, droves of you are quite possibly just as capable or already producing images to the lofty standards of the photographic greats on a daily basis.

Which leads me to another question… Does good art have to be rare or difficult to produce to be worthy of appreciation? What do you think?

In the mean-time why not meet a like-minded photographer (or writer) on hooof and try aping one of the greats together!

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  • Richard


    My name is Tichard. I saw your app and thought I’d say hello 👋

    I was also thinking about writing a short blog about how I love weekend travel.


    • admin

      Hey, by all means please write and send us your blog. send it to Please also send any visual content you want to go with it and the tags you want included.

      Looking forward to reading it.

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