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Our Story


Hi I’m Matt, Co-Founder of Hooof. 

Hooof began three years ago, while I was skiing with my boyfriend. During this trip, my partner was hit with man-flu leaving me to tackle the slopes solo. During my alone time, I thought an app where you can be connected to new people, get to know them and spend time together doing fun activities would be a great idea.


I truly believe there is a gap in the market for an app like this. You have your typical sexualised dating apps but I wasn’t looking for anything like that because I was happy in my relationship. Also, as comfortable as I am with myself I didn’t always want the pressure of ‘coming out’ to new people from the wider population every time I met them in an activity based setting. 


My friend, Darren, also had a similar issue. He had a spare ticket for the theatre but nobody was available to go with him in the middle of the day. It would have been a lot easier for Darren to find someone to accompany him if he had an app like Hooof!


That’s when we realised – wouldn’t it be fantastic to put like-minded people in the LGBT+ community together to enjoy fun activities and make great friends.

So there you have it, whether you’re standing alone in a bar or solo on a ski slope Hooof is there to help you connect with someone.

App Features

It couldn’t be simpler…

Andrew Profile

Set up your profile – We’ve all done one of these before! Just tell other hooofers a bit about yourself and what you’re thinking of doing.


Select up to 5 common activities from 3 categories: Sport, Entertainment or Leisure

People Grid

Tap the people icon and you’re ready to connect with other people wherever you are.



Does Hooof cost anything?

No. Hooof is free to download and use. Our basic service will always be free although we plan on adding some fabulous premium features in the future

What happens if no nearby match can be found?

If we cannot find anyone for you to do the same things, you can either wait until we find someone for you, or you can choose other activities. You will still be able to check out the most popular ones.

Can I get informed about a match when I close the app?

Hooof can match you with like-minded people when the app is running either when you are directly searching or if it is on in the background. You can sign out of the app if you are not looking or you can turn off notifications on your device, as per usual. The choice is always yours when you are available.

Why do I have to create a profile?

Hooof is a social matching app. We want you to get the most of meeting people. The best way to do this is to let others know a little about how amazing at tiddlywinks or tennis or in my case, at drinking coffee you are. Your data is safe with us and is necessary to give you the best service we can. Please do have a look at our privacy policy for more detail.

Why can’t I see other users before I choose an activity?

We want you to be serious about connecting with people – to actually do stuff. Hooof is all about living today and being spontaneous so I think you’ll agree that having an activity in mind before you see other profiles is a great way to reduce the urge to time-waste on your phone. It’s also a great conversation opener.

Can I upload naughty images?

A fully clothed head and shoulders shot or even a full-length picture that conveys something lovely about your personality is what Hooof is all about. We want you to share your inner beauty! 

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